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A Look at ReproMed's Compliant Rating from Health Canada

Finding reliable medical care is essential for any type of treatment, and this is particularly true when you are seeking reproductive care with third party reproduction. At ReproMed, we are proud to have received a Complaint rating from Health Canada following our annual donor semen inspection.

This rating showcases our compliance with the rigorous standards that Health Canada has set forth to ensure patient safety and proper storage of semen specimens. In order to achieve compliance, we maintain rigid donor screening guidelines as well as a quality guarantee.

If you are having trouble conceiving or you want to discuss your future fertility with family planning services, contact ReproMed by calling (972) 494-5438. By complying with national standards and working to advance the science of reproductive medicine, we can help you grow your family with a wide range of options, including reliable donor services.

Examining Three Types of Third-Party Reproduction

There are many different fertility issues that a couple may face. While some may be treated through therapies like in-vitro fertilization using a couple’s own eggs and sperm, other causes of infertility may necessitate third party reproduction. In this article, you can learn about three methods of third-party reproduction that you might explore under the care of the experienced physicians at ReproMed.

Embryo Donation

While some couples will go through several rounds of IVF before successful implantation, others might have success right away. This can leave an excess of healthy, viable embryos, which the couple may choose to donate to others in need. In other cases, couples may freeze embryos for future use and decide for a number of reasons not to use them in the future. These couples might also donate embryos, which can be an option for couples struggling with a wide range of infertility causes.


Surrogacy may be appropriate for many different couples. Same-sex male couples seeking children may consider surrogacy, as well as couples who are facing health or anatomical issues preventing a healthy full-term pregnancy. With surrogacy, a couple’s own eggs and sperm or those from a donor will be fertilized in a lab to create healthy embryos for implantation to a surrogate. She will carry out the pregnancy, typically with associated medical expenses covered by the couple seeking reproductive services.

Sperm and Egg Donation

In-vitro fertilization can take place with a couple’s own eggs and sperm or with donor specimens, depending on the type of fertility issues present. In some cases, egg and sperm donation will occur anonymously, with health and lifestyle information provided to the couple as they select donors.

At ReproMed, you can find comprehensive infertility care with assisted reproduction and fertility assessment services. Whether you are seeking fertility preservation or third party reproduction, we can help you achieve your family planning goals. To learn more, give us a call at (972) 494-5438.

Talking to Your Partner About Egg Freezing

Fertility preservation is growing in popularity in a “social context” because many women are prioritizing career goals and other life achievements over starting a family. Egg and embryo freezing may provide future options for those wishing to have children down the road, though it does necessitate an honest and open conversation with your partner. While egg freezing will primarily focus on a female’s treatment, it is important to have the support and understanding of your partner along the way. Below you can get a look at some tips for talking to your partner about egg freezing so that you find success with your family planning goals.

Discuss Your Fertility Goals

Before planning for the future, you will want to have a conversation with your partner about your reproductive goals. Not only should you discuss when you want to begin having children, but you might talk about how many kids you want as well. When you and your partner are on the same page, you can effectively determine the right path for your fertility care and family planning.

Get to Know the Procedure

Because more and more women are choosing fertility preservation with egg freezing, the subject is often discussed casually. However, it’s important to remember that egg freezing is a medical procedure that can have a number of effects on the body. Before eggs are harvested for freezing, patients must take fertility medications, similar to those preparing for IVF treatment. Both you and your partner should be aware of costs associated with egg freezing so that you can budget accordingly. It may also be medically prudent to create embryos now instead of the future. This is very personal decision, and one that should be made in conversation with your reproductive physician.

If you want to learn more about whether egg freezing is right for you and your partner, connect with ReproMed. The Toronto Institute for Reproductive Medicine is leading the way in infertility treatment with advanced technologies and therapies to fit your goals. To reach us for an appointment, call (972) 494-5438.

A Look Behind the Scenes at the Embryo Transfer Procedure

If you are considering using a surrogate to help you achieve a pregnancy, you may have lots of questions about the process. In this feel-good video, you can get a look at the embryo transfer procedure involving a surrogate. It showcases a surrogate’s journey at the reproductive clinic which involves the transfer of a patient’s embryo that will be carried by the surrogate. You can see that the process is exciting and emotional for everyone involved, but the nurses and physicians don’t fail to offer compassionate care and support.

To learn more about embryo transfer, surrogacy, and other types of infertility treatment, contact ReproMed at (972) 494-5438. Our physicians provide a wide range of services, including assisted reproduction, IVF, and donor sperm insemination in Toronto.

When Is the Right Time to Announce a Pregnancy?

If you have been undergoing treatment with assisted reproduction therapies like IVF, it is an exciting feeling to see a positive pregnancy test that indicates successful treatment. Still, you might hesitate to inform your friends and loved ones of your pregnancy, especially if you have experienced previous miscarriages.

Sharing the news of a pregnancy is very personal decision and the timing to do so is different for each individual. For those wishing to do so, it is a good rule of thumb is to wait until after the first trimester of pregnancy to announce the good news to your friends and family.

When you do announce your pregnancy, you may have a wide range of emotions, including one that is fairly unexpected: guilt. As you undergo fertility treatment, you may begin to interact with other couples in similar situations, and you might feel guilty as you announce your pregnancy. If you are struggling with this feeling, remember that you had to work hard to get to this point, and you are still sensitive to the challenges that can come with infertility. Stay positive and remember it is always your choice when to share.

For infertility treatment and fertility preservation services in Toronto, contact ReproMed to explore treatment options, counseling services, and holistic infertility care. You can reach us on our website or at (972) 494-5438.

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