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What Are Common Causes of Male Infertility?

Male infertility plays a role in at least 40% of infertility cases. It is for this very reason that the male partner is asked to attend the initial consultation to help get a complete picture of potential challenges at hand. Understanding the potential causes for male infertility is important so the correct treatment plan can be applied to help address these issues.

As this video explains, male infertility has to do with the availability of sperm as well as the morphology and movement of that sperm. Each of these factors will be measured during a sperm analysis in the andrology lab, and abnormalities will be diagnosed with a series of different tests. Male infertility may stem from physical causes, such as varicoceles, or chemical issues like hormonal imbalances or side effects of certain medications. It is for this very reason that the male partner is asked to attend the initial consultation to help get a complete picture of the challenges at hand.

Regardless of the cause of your fertility issues, ReproMed can offer help with a state-of-the-art andrology lab and assisted reproduction services in Toronto. To learn more about us, visit our website or give us a call at (972) 494-5438.

How Should You Tell Your Child About Using a Sperm Donor?

If you have chosen to use a sperm donor to conceive, you may be thinking about immediate concerns, such as the type of person you want to be part of the genetic makeup of your child. You may not, however, be thinking about the future conversation you may have with your child when you tell her or him how she was conceived. Choosing to have this conversation is a personal choice and one that is left up to the parents to decide. This may be a topic to consider discussing with a counselor in preparation for your cycle.

In this video, you will hear one mother’s story. In this case, the parent hesitated in discussing this topic with her daughter and she shares some of the emotions leading up to this decision. Every parent has a unique journey, and it will be up to you to decide the right time and the right way to have this conversation if you choose.

ReproMed can guide you through the donor selection process and in-vitro fertilization procedures, so don’t hesitate to call us at (972) 494-5438. We are a leading provider of donor services in Toronto, and we are a participating clinic in the Ontario Fertility Program.

Reproductive Therapies from A to Z

Most patients who visit a fertility clinic will be presented with advanced treatment options like in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI). These state of the art services have helped thousands of patients worldwide start a family. Working with a fertility team of specialists will guide you through your reproductive journey.

Many patients often wonder if there are holistic therapies or supplements that can be used instead. Patients are often surprised to learn that these therapies can be used in conjunction with the advanced treatment options.

Your doctor may recommend some key lifestyle changes before you undergo these procedures. This may include weight loss, increased exercise, or fertility acupuncture. Focusing on a stress-free environment during treatment is also encouraged. There are a variety of supplements for both female and male patients to consider before starting treatment. You should never take fertility supplements without consulting with your doctor first.

ReproMed offers many advanced services for couples facing infertility, and we also work with patients as they seek alternative care to complement their clinical care in Toronto. For more information about us, visit us online or call (972) 494-5438.

Get a Glimpse of ReproMed's Sperm Bank

Screening sperm donors and properly storing specimens are processes with extremely strict regulations in Canada, which means that donor selection may be limited. In fact, ReproMed is one of few clinics that provides donor sperm to patients in need. This video will showcase the sperm bank at ReproMed, which is the most reliable and affordable source for donor specimens in Toronto.

If you want to clear up your questions and concerns about sperm donation and donor services in Canada, contact ReproMed at (972) 494-5438. You can also consult our website for a look at current vial availability and ordering.

Planning an Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) through the Ontario Fertility Program

If you are a resident of Ontario, you may have access to government-funded fertility care through the Ontario Fertility Program. This program provides services for patients facing many different causes of infertility. It also provides services for non-medical cases for single parents and same-sex couples. Intrauterine Insemination, or IUI, is one of the services that is accessible. There are an unlimited number of cycles that are covered through the program. Access is not based on gender, family status, or sexual orientation, but there are eligibility guidelines to know as well as some helpful steps to consider in the planning process.

Consider Your Eligibility

As long as you hold a valid Ontario Health card, and have met with a treating physician, you are eligible for insemination services. This may benefit patients who have been diagnosed with a condition that would require this treatment, or if you are using donor sperm to grow your family.

Know Which Services Are Covered

Intrauterine insemination can include a wide range of associated services; however, not all of these are covered under the Ontario Fertility Program. For example, you might seek fertility counseling or be prescribed fertility drugs before the insemination takes place. There are two examples of items that are not covered by the program. In addition, sperm washing, or the costs associated with purchasing donor sperm are not covered. Cycle monitoring, nurse and physician counseling, and certain blood and urine tests are covered by government funds. At the initial consultation, your clinic can provide further information.

Consult a Participating Clinic

The first step in accessing government funded fertility care is consulting a participating clinic. Not all Ontario physicians provide services covered by the Ontario Fertility Program. You can visit the program website to secure a list of participating clinics.

ReproMed can be your partner in government-funded care because we are a participating clinic located conveniently in Toronto. To learn more about artificial insemination and other assisted reproduction services, contact us online or call us at (972) 494-5438.

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