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    What to Expect When You Donate Your Eggs

    Last updated 3 days ago

    There are many reasons why a women may wish to donate her eggs: it could be done anonymously in an altruistic notion to help someone in need achieve their dreams of starting a family; or, it could be done to help a specific person, such as a friend of family member that is suffering from infertility.  Regardless of the reason, when the egg donor goes to the reproductive medicine clinic to donate eggs, they can expect to undergo rigorous screening. These include: a physical examination, infectious diseases screening, ultrasound and blood tests to help determine the reproductive potential of the donor. 

    Watch this video to learn what to expect once you’ve passed the screening tests. This physician explains the importance of corresponding cycles with an egg donor and a known recipient, and she discusses the medications that may be used.

    ReproMed, which facilitates egg donation in Toronto, offers comprehensive programs for patients.  For more information about egg donation, please call (647) 558-1486 to speak with one of our friendly staff members.

    ReproMed Success Rates

    Last updated 18 days ago

    Visit the Success Rates page on the ReproMed website to see our success rates for Assisted Reproductive Techniques.

    Looking at the Egg Freezing Process

    Last updated 18 days ago

    In recent years, there has been increased media attention towards the procedure of egg freezing. Originally used as a method of fertility preservation for cancer patients, we are seeing more and more patients take advantage of this procedure for social reasons.  Some women may consider options for cryopreserving their eggs because they aren’t yet ready to have a child and wish to improve their chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy when the time is right to do so in the future. 

    The Fertility Specialist will map out a protocol for the entire procedure that the patient and medical team will follow.  One of the first steps is for the woman to start taking fertility medications that will help stimulate the ovaries. She will then undergo the egg retrieval procedure at the fertility center.  In an ideal scenario the Fertility Specialist could retrieve 10 eggs during the procedure to help the patients the best chances of a pregnancy later on.    

    For more information about female fertility services, please watch this educational video. You’ll hear a doctor describe the steps necessary for cryopreservation, including what will happen to the eggs when a woman is ready to become pregnant.

    If you’re interested in learning more about egg freezing, contact ReproMed regarding our advanced reproductive treatments near Toronto. You can call (647) 558-1486 or read more about cryopreservation on our website.

    Spotlight on Acupuncture with Fertility Treatment

    Last updated 18 days ago

    Here at ReproMed, our reproductive medicine specialists explore all options available to help patients achieve their goal of starting a family.  In addition to offering a full suite of advanced reproductive therapies, we also provide access to holistic practices for those patients looking at additional treatment options.  Acupuncture has been shown in studies to decrease the risk of miscarriage and increase the success rates of fertility treatments.  Here is a brief look at acupuncture services typically offered at progressive reproductive center like ReproMed.

    Women who undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) may decide to have acupuncture sessions in the weeks and months leading up to the procedure.  These schedule and mapped out sessions can help the patient achieving a more harmonious physical, mental, and emotional balance that enables the body to reach optimum function. In addition, acupuncture has been shown to improve success when used immediately before and after the embryo transfer.  This procedure is best practiced on-site at the fertility clinic during the day of transfer.  And don’t forget about the male partner, acupuncture can benefit sperm quality before the specimen is used in the treatment.

    The acupuncturist at ReproMed specializes in holistic treatments for infertility. To schedule an appointment with a reproductive medicine specialist or our acupuncturist, call (647) 558-1486.

    Tips for Increasing Your Chances of IVF Success

    Last updated 18 days ago

    Many couples find in vitro fertilization (IVF) to be a highly effective treatment for infertility. In a perfect scenario, the patient would achieve a pregnancy in their first attempt with the procedure.  For others however, it may take a couple of cycles before success is achieved.  Your reproductive medicine specialist will discuss with you additional ways of improving your chances of success.  Here are just a few items that should be considered for those undergoing IVF:

    Consider Taking a Supplement
    Nutrition is critically important for improving fertility. Research demonstrates that when women get sufficient amounts of antioxidants, other vitamins, and minerals, their chances of success during an IVF cycle is enhanced. Among other benefits, antioxidant vitamins can reduce oxidative stress. You can ask a reproductive medicine specialist for advice on choosing a pre-natal nutritional supplement. It’s best to select one with vitamins B6, B9, and B12, along with zinc, copper, and magnesium. Additionally, you may wish to take a coenzyme Q10 supplement, which can help improve egg quality, ovarian response, and embryo implantation. Coenzyme Q10 may also reduce the risk of genetic abnormalities.

    Modify Your Workout Routine
    In general, leading a healthy lifestyle can improve your chances of IVF success, and one important cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle is regular exercise. However, it’s important not to exercise too vigorously when you’re trying to become pregnant, as this can actually decrease success rates. Instead, try gentle exercises such as walking and prenatal yoga. As an added bonus, prenatal yoga can help you manage your stress.

    Follow a Healthy Diet
    In addition to taking nutritional supplements, it’s always important to follow a healthy meal plan. It’s advisable to avoid processed foods, fried foods, and sugary foods. Instead, choose whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and sources of healthy monounsaturated fats.

    For advanced reproductive services near Toronto, turn to the caring experts at ReproMed. We provide comprehensive female & male fertility treatments to help patients achieve a pregnancy.  If you have any questions about our range of services, call (647) 558-1486.


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