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Fertility Options for Patients Diagnosed with Cancer

Fertility Options Toronto

There is a wide range of medical conditions that can lead to infertility, including cancer. However, before beginning a cancer treatment plan, patients can visit a reproductive medicine clinic to explore their fertility preservation options. Cancer does not mean your dreams of having a family of your own are over. While cancer treatments may put your fertility at risk, preservation options give you the opportunity to continue your dreams of being a parent in the future. Egg freezing, embryo freezing and sperm freezing can provide you with the opportunity to have the family that you have always wanted.

ReproMed offers fertility preservation services for men and women. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, and you might like to start a family later on, you can meet with one of our reproductive medicines specialists to discuss your fertility preservation options. Call us at 416.233.8111 or visit our website for further information regarding our male and female fertility services in Toronto.

Fertility Assessments

Fertility Specialist Toronto

You may consider visiting a clinic specializing in reproductive medicine well before you’re ready to start your family. By having fertility assessments conducted now, you can make informed decisions regarding your family planning in the future. For example, female fertility services may include assessments of ovarian reserve, which is the number of eggs present in the ovaries. A Fertility Specialist can perform blood tests to determine a person’s normal hormonal fluctuations. Women can also have their medical information thoroughly reviewed and they may decide to freeze their eggs if pregnancy later in life is planned.

Men can also benefit from undergoing fertility assessments at a reproductive center. Male fertility services may include the assessment of semen, including volume, motility, concentration, and sperm count. Sometimes, an in-depth semen analysis is called for, which includes computer analysis and tests for anti-sperm antibodies. Men who are under the age of 40 and plan to have children later on may freeze their sperm to improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

ReproMed provides comprehensive male and female fertility services in Toronto, including a full suite of fertility assessments. You may direct your questions about our clinic for reproductive medicine to 416.233.8111.

What to Expect from Fertility Counselling

Fertility Counselling Toronto

Couples who are considering reproductive medicine options such as IVF, egg donation, and surrogacy often find it helpful to work with a fertility counsellor as well. A fertility counsellor is often a registered social worker who has extensive knowledge of reproductive medicine and its related issues. Each fertility counselling session is unique and it is based on the needs of the individual or couple. When you meet with the counsellor, he or she may first conduct an assessment to determine your needs and concerns. Then, you’ll work with the counsellor to develop effective strategies for overcoming obstacles.

For example, you may benefit from learning stress management techniques, exploring all of the assisted reproduction options available to you, or connecting with local parenting resources. These are just a few of the topics a fertility counsellor may cover. Depending on the circumstances, he or she might also guide you through the issues associated with single parenthood or with LGBTQ parenthood.

If you think fertility counselling might be right for you, contact ReproMed at 416.233.8111. We are a clinic for reproductive medicine int Toronto with a registered social worker on staff to provide compassionate fertility counselling services.

Understanding Surrogacy

For many couples, procedures such as IVF allow them to successfully conceive a healthy child. In some cases however, additional third-party services may be required. A gestational carrier, or surrogate, is a woman who carries another couple’s child to term. The surrogate does not have a genetic link to the child.

When you watch this video, you’ll hear a brief overview of surrogacy. The embryo will be transferred to the surrogate and depending on the unique health concerns of the intended parents, the reproductive medicine specialist may use either donated sperm or donated eggs, or both. This video explains how the surrogate will prepare for the procedure, the implantation process and the pregnancy test process after the implantation.

For sophisticated reproductive medicine near Toronto, turn to ReproMed. Future parents can contact us at 416.233.8111 or visit our website for more information about gestational carriers.

How to Find the Right Sperm Donor

Sperm Donor Toronto

Choosing a sperm donor can be an exciting, but overwhelming process. At ReproMed, our goal is to make you feel comfortable during this process by providing a personal one-on-one consultation to help you make the right decision. During this in-depth consultation, we will answer questions about specific donors, show donor photographs and clarify what expectations you are looking for. After one of our specialists provides recommendations from both Canadian and Open-ID Donors, they will work with you on finalizing your selections. In addition to more in-depth research, you will also be able to match donor medical history with your personal medical history. At the end of the process, ReproMed will provide a Temperament Report for the final donor selection.

If you are interested in learning more about our sperm donor or D.A.D.S consultations, call ReproMed at (416) 233-8111. If you live outside of the Metro Toronto area, we offer consultations by phone or webcam. Visit our website to learn more about our Sperm Donor programs .
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