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The IVF & Reproductive Medicine Educational Resource Centre in Toronto has been designed to help patients from all over understand the causes of male & female infertility and the many treatment options that are available to them. We recognize that infertility can be an overwhelming and exhausting experience. Our goal at ReproMed is to assist you in learning more about the diagnosis and the corresponding treatment protocols available to our patients so that you can make informed decisions in your desire to start a family. Should you wish to meet with one of your Fertility Specialists in Toronto to discuss your case in person, call us at (647) 495-8305 and we would be glad to arrange a consultation.

Dreams can come true… let us help you achieve your own miracle.


Education Centre

Touring a Reproductive Centre :

Learn more about the various areas that make up a world class reproductive centre and see some of the friendly people you will meet.

Cryopreservation Lab

Andrology Laboratory

Primary Care Nursing

The Reproductive Medicine Educational Series:
ReproMed has produced a series of educational videos that have been made public for patients to view. The goal of these videos is to help users better understand many aspects of reproductive medicine.

What You Need to Know About Sperm Banking

What You Need to Know About Designated (Known) Sperm Donation

What You Need to Know About Acupuncture Pre/Post Embryo Transfer

What You Need to Know About Endometriosis

What You Need to Know About Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Articles of Interest

Browse our archive of related information about IVF & Reproductive Medicine:

July 2018

What to Expect When You Undergo a Fertility Assessment

June 2018

Should You Consider Couples Counseling During Fertility Treatments?

How Does a Miscarriage Affect Your Fertility?

FAQs About Ovarian Reserve Testing

What Donated Embryo Recipients Need to Know

May 2018

How Is Male Infertility Diagnosed?

Preparing for Intrauterine Insemination

April 2018

What Are Common Causes of Male Infertility?

Coping with Pregnancy Loss

Why You May Still Need Endometriosis Treatment When You Aren’t Trying to Get Pregnant

Spotlight on Our Courtesy Shipping Program

March 2018

How Should You Tell Your Child About Using a Sperm Donor?

Reproductive Therapies from A to Z

Get a Glimpse of ReproMed’s Sperm Bank

February 2018

Planning an Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) through the Ontario Fertility Program

Get a Glimpse of ReproMed’s Sperm Bank

Fertility Care for Same-Sex Couples

January 2018

What Happens During Microsurgical Tubal Reconstruction?

What Can You Expect During Cycle Monitoring?

December 2017

Is Offsite Insemination Right for You?

Coping with Pregnancy Loss

Why You May Still Need Endometriosis Treatment When You Aren’t Trying to Get Pregnant

Spotlight on Our Courtesy Shipping Program

November 2017

Signs of a Successful IVF Cycle

The Basics of Acupuncture for Infertility

Common Questions About Sperm Motility

Understanding False Readings After an IVF Cycle

October 2017

Answers to Common Questions About Surrogacy

What You Need to Know About Sperm Donors

September 2017

Why Does IVF Increase the Odds of Having Twins?

Factors that Affect IUI Success Rates

August 2017

Embryo Development – Day 3 and Day 5 Transfer

A Look at the Process of Ovum Freezing

What to Do When You and Your Partner Disagree About Fertility Treatment

Spotlight on Regional Fertility Services in Rural Regions

July 2017

How Can Women with Diabetes Achieve Healthy Pregnancies?

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: What Are Your Treatment Options?

What Are the Advantages of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection?

June 2017

How to Prepare for IUI – Part 2

Spotlight on Our Patient Access Program

Common Questions About Sperm Motility

May 2017

Canadian Infertility Awareness Week – Meet Rima

Canadian Infertility Awareness Week – Meet Talia

Canadian Infertility Awareness Week – Meet Maria

Canadian Infertility Awareness Week – Meet Helen & Laura

Canadian Infertility Awareness Week – Meet Kaleb

What to Expect with a Designated Sperm Donor

A Closer Look at Andrology

April 2017

The Basics of Acupuncture for Infertility

Common Questions About Sperm Motility

Fertility After 35: One Woman’s Story

Signs of a Successful IVF Cycle

March 2017

What Is Blastocyst Transfer?

The Basics of Assisted Hatching

Preparation, Procedure, and Recovery: An In-Depth Look at IUI

An Introduction to the Changes of Pregnancy

February 2017

Spotlight on Ovulation and Its Detection

Talking to Your Child About Donor Sperm

A Quick Look at Follicular Maturation

January 2017

The Process of IVF

December 2016

What to Expect During Egg Retrieval

November 2016

Understanding Normal Menstruation

A Step-by-Step Guideline to the IVF Cycle Timeline

Health Canada: Assisted Human Reproduction Act

Is Egg Freezing Right for You?

October 2016

Common Medical Conditions That Can Interfere with Fertility

Lifestyle Habits That Compromise Fertility

Cancer Treatments and Male Fertility

Embryo Donation – Patients Helping Patients

September 2016

Answering Common Questions About Our Sperm Bank Donors

What Does Aging Mean for Male Fertility?

Using a Sperm Donor to Start a Family

August 2016

What to Do When You and Your Partner Disagree About Fertility Treatment

A Look at ReproMed’s Compliant Rating from Health Canada

Examining Three Types of Third-Party Reproduction

Talking to Your Partner About Egg Freezing

July 2016

A Look Behind the Scenes at the Embryo Transfer Procedure

When Is the Right Time to Announce a Pregnancy?

Are There Natural Ways to Boost Fertility?

June 2016

Recognizing the Telltale Signs of Fertility Problems

The Link Between Thyroid Health and Fertility

May 2016

Zika Virus and Transmission through Semen

Understanding IUI

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Fertility

April 2016

Fertility After 35: One Woman’s Story

Getting Healthy for Your IVF Cycle

Understanding Ovulation

March 2016

Finding Assistance in Building Your Family

May The Luck of The Irish Be With You!

Answering Questions about Repeated IVF Cycles

Fertility Later On

February 2016

How We Can Help International Patients

Inside the Embryology Lab

December 2015

The Role of Our Primary Care Nurses

What to Consider When You Become a Sperm Donor

November 2015

Myths About Fertility After 40

Assessing Fertility in Women

October 2015

Endometriosis Explained

Dos and Don’ts for Each Stage of the IVF Process

Considering Egg Freezing: Is It Right for You?

September 2015

A Brief Guide to Ovulation Induction

Take a Tour of Our Cryopreservation Lab

August 2015

Understanding Third-Party Reproduction

Coping After You Are Diagnosed with Fertility Issues

What You Need Need to Know About Surrogacy

A Brief Guide to Ovulation

July 2015

Fertility Options for Patients Diagnosed with Cancer

Fertility Assessments

What to Expect from Fertility Counselling

Understanding Surrogacy

How to Find the Right Sperm Donor

June 2015

Making the Decision to Undergo Fertility Treatment

Introduction to Fertility Counselling

Exploring Male Fertility Treatments

Reasons You May Need Fertility Assistance

May 2015

Answering FAQs About IVF Medications

A Look at Sperm Storage for Cancer Patients

National Nursing Week

Get the Facts About choosing a Sperm Donor

April 2015

Single Embryo Transfer (SET)

ReproMed Success Rates

Looking at the Egg Freezing Process

March 2015

Spotlight on Acupuncture with Fertility Treatment

Tips for Increasing Your Chances of IVF Success

Fertility Counselling: What to Expect

A Look at the Link between Your Lifestyle and Fertility

February 2015

Endometriosis and Your Fertility

Acupuncture In Conjunction of Working With a Fertility Specialist

Spotlight on Female Fertility Supplements

How Does Testicular Cancer Affect Fertility?

January 2015

What Is the IVF Process?

Tips for Coping with the Emotional Side of Using Donor Sperm or Donor Eggs

Understanding the Designated Egg Donor Program

The 5 Steps of The IVF Process

December 2014

Surplus Embryos: What Are Your Options?

Complimentary Tips for Preparing for Your IVF Cycle

How Are Embryos Transferred During IVF?

November 2014

What Happens When Your First IVF Cycle Doesn’t Work?

How Parents Can Support Adult Children Who Are Receiving Fertility Treatments

Understanding Assisted Hatching

A Step-by-Step Guide to IVF

October 2014

The Importance of Fertility Protocols

60 Minutes Story on PGD

Some of the Small Factors about Male Fertility

What You Need to Know About Blastocyst Transfer

A Closer Look at the IUI Procedure

September 2014

Is Fertility Counseling Right for You?

Healthy Food for Women’s Fertility

Understanding Your Assisted Reproduction Options

August 2014

How to Become a Sperm Donor with ReproMed

A Patient’s Guide to ICSI

What Is Sperm Banking?

What Is Intrauterine Insemination?

July 2014

Preparing for Your First Fertility Clinic Visit

How a Fertility Specialist Can Help You Conveive After Cancer

Fertility Clinic Run Arounds: Have You Been A Victim?

Exploring Myths about Infertility

June 2014

Signs You Should Talk to a Fertility Specialist

Hear the Incredible Story of Friends Who Share the Same Sperm Donor

Choosing a Sperm Donor – Understanding the Basics

How An Ovulation Calendar Can Help You Track Your Fertility

May 2014

Can Acupuncture Help With Fertility?

Regional Fertility Services – Helping Patients Abroad Get Pregnant

A Patient’s Guide to Home Insemination [INFOGRAPHIC]

Dr. Kaleb Montgomery, ReproMed’s In-house Acupuncturist

Fertility Counseling

April 2014

What to Expect During IVF

This App Might Make It Easier to Achieve a Pregnancy

What Is Unexplained Infertility?

An Introduction to In Vitro Fertilization

March 2014

A Closer Look at Ovarian Stimulation

How a Man’s Diet Affects His Fertility

Options in Paying for Fertility Treatments

Research for Success

February 2014

Acupuncture Can Make Labour, Easier, Safer and Shorter | By Kaleb Montgomery

ReproMed’s Embryology Laboratory

Who Uses a Surrogate?

A Brief Guide to Egg Freezing

January 2014

The Basics Before In Vitro Fertilization

Examining the Effects of Age on Fertility

Understanding Coverage for Reproductive & Treatments

Coping with Infertility Treatment

December 2013

Understanding the Causes of Male Infertility

Lifestyle Habits That Can Boost Fertility

Canada Needs Donors Like You!

Common Causes of Infertility In Women

November 2013

Infertility on the Rise Canada

Understanding More About In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Are You a Good Candidate for IVF?

The Lates News in IVF Technology

Learn how to Share the Gift of Life By Becoming a Sperm Donor

October 2013

Calgary Herald: Part 6: The new family tree

Facts About Endometriosis

Edmonton Journal: And baby makes 4

Are You Suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

September 2013

Working with a Reproductive Centre

Fertility Online – Here Are Some Helpful Articles About Infertility From Around The Web

Understanding How Endometriosis Can Affect Your Fertility

What You Need to Know About PCOS

August 2013

A Look at the Risk Factors for Recurrent Miscarriage

A Closer Look at Fertility Treatment Terms

Symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

A Look at the Some Causes of Female Infertility

Fertility clinic roller coaster: Bursting bladders and embryo choices

Everything You Need to Know About Endometriosis

July 2013

In Vitro Fertilization Process A Nerve-Wracking Experience

Understanding Human Reproduction & Infertility

June 2013

What is Fertility Preservation?

May 2013

Complimentary Therapies That May Increase IVF Success

What is IVF and How Does the Process Work?

Infertility: Causes and Treatments

Advanced Paternal Age – Take Note!

April 2013

Preparing For An IVF Cycle

What Is The Screening Process Used For Sperm Donors At ReproMed?

How Successful is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) as an Infertility Treatment?

March 2013

What is Egg Donation?

Fertility Online

An Inside Look At The Technology Used By ReproMed

February 2012

A Guide To In Vitro Fertilization

Visit The Sites To Learn More About Infertility & Treatment Options Available

ReproMed’s Cryopreservation Lab

January 2012

Can Lifestyle Affect Fertility?

Your Infertility Treatment Options

How To Cope With Infertility