Spotlight on Regional Fertility Services in Rural Regions

Residing in rural and remote regions can limit access to medical care for specialized services. Reproductive medicine, in particular, can be a challenge for patients in these areas. Fortunately, ReproMed has experience in extending services beyond our Toronto location. Partnering with physicians and localized labs we can help ease the burden for patient travel.

With advancements in technology, it is quite common for patients to video conference with the physician and the nursing team throughout the cycle process. If patients travel to the clinic, arrangements can be made to complete as much testing as possible on that day to make the trip worthwhile. In addition, the actual procedure date at the clinic can be planned well in advance to make travel arrangements easier to make.

To learn more about the special resources and services ReproMed provides to patients in rural areas, call our Toronto offices at (972) 494-5438. We are proud to serve patients from all backgrounds and lifestyles, and we believe that healthcare should not be limited by geographic boundaries.

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