What You Need to Know About Sperm Donors

Sperm donation is common in assisted reproduction, and it may facilitate pregnancies for couples facing male factor infertility, same-sex couples, and single women. Though the use of donor sperm is widespread, it still carries some misconceptions—particularly concerning the health and credentials of each donor.

Donors are held to rigorous standards. In fact, only about 2% of applicants have their specimens accepted. Candidates may be rejected based on health, educational requirements, or lifestyle factors. Sperm banks will post a table listing all the infectious screening tests completed by each donor.

In the process of selecting a donor, patients will also see a comprehensive profile that includes likeness photos, audio recordings, staff impressions, and essential credentials. After reviewing both medical and qualitative traits, patients can make an informed decision with regards to choosing their donor.

At ReproMed , we have dedicated donor services in Toronto to provide our patients with an easy process as well as complete peace of mind in their donor selection. To learn more about our donor requirements, call our offices at (972) 494-5438.

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