Is Offsite Insemination Right for You?

If you are considering the use of donor sperm to conceive a child, insemination will be part of the process. Though insemination is commonly performed in the clinic setting, it is possible to complete this process outside of a doctor’s office. At ReproMed, we are happy to assist patients with offsite insemination which can be facilitated at the patient’s home. With offsite insemination, you will receive access to our donor catalog, two vials of donor semen, an insemination kit, instructions, an ovulation prediction kit, and continuous access to our team of reproductive specialists. Below you can learn a little more about the program.

It Starts with You and the Fertility Specialist

Offsite insemination can be ideal for many patients, but it is not right for everyone. You will need to schedule an initial patient consultation with the Fertility Specialist so he can learn about your medical history. This session can be done in person, via phone, or Skype video conference. There will be some tests that will be scheduled in the clinic or at location closer to your home to help better understand aspects of your cycle. Once a complete picture is achieved, the doctor can make a recommendation if you are a candidate for Home Insemination.

Sometimes, Infertility is Not the Issue

Though ReproMed is a leading provider of in-vitro fertilization and other advanced fertility services, we do see many patients who are simply seeking access to safe and compliant donor services. If you do not have known fertility issues, offsite insemination may be a simpler way to complete conception. More than 50% of patients under the age of 40 will achieve conception in three cycles of insemination.

You want to maintain a comfortable and intimate setting.

The clinic environment may be more sterile than you prefer, so you may choose to inseminate on your own or with your partner in the comfort of home. The unique intimacy and familiar surroundings of the home environment can allow you to relax and ease any stress related to the insemination process.

To learn more about insemination and our selective donor qualifications, call ReproMed at (972) 494-5438.

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