Fertility Care for Same-Sex Couples

Fertility clinics offer services for a wide range of patient populations including services for same-sex couples looking to grow their families. Same-sex couples may require donor gametes (egg/sperm) and in some cases the assistance of a gestational surrogate. Continue reading to learn more about the procedures and process that you will discuss as you and your partner begin to seek care.

Finding the Right Fertility Clinic

With any medical procedure, it is important to feel comfortable with the facility you choose to work with in addressing your individual needs. Since no path for conception is the same for each patient, you may wish to talk to other same-sex couples who have used a reproductive center and secure their feedback and experiences. Visiting the clinic web site or accessing their social media platforms can provide insight as well in how they approach care for same-sex couples.

Third-Party Assistance

LGBTQ patients and couples may need to access additional third-party assistance in completing their care. Same-sex males will work with an egg donor and gestational carrier while same-sex females will select a sperm donor from the sperm bank.

Unique Reproductive Techniques

Same-sex females may undergo a process known as reciprocal IVF where one partner provides the eggs (which are fertilized in the lab with donor sperm) and the other partner receives the embryo transfer and carries the pregnancy. Same-sex males may both choose to fertilize the retrieved donor eggs. This will create embryos involving the genetics of both partners. These embryos can then be transferred to a gestational carrier or frozen for future use.

Remaining open with your partner.

Throughout fertility care, you want to express your concerns openly with your physician and your partner. Discussing every option is important, so you will feel comfortable with the process throughout every step of care.

At ReproMed, you can access a wide range of fertility care services, including services designed for same-sex couples with access to donor services and using a gestational carrier in Toronto. For a closer look at our services, visit our website. You can also call us directly at (972) 494-5438 to schedule a consultation.

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